Ts at the Show and Shine

It looks like this coming Wednesday, Aug 27, will be warm and sunny.  It might be a good night for a T get-together at the Grey Eagle Show and Shine.

Every Wednesday during the summer about 300 cars gather for a Show and Shine at the Grey Eagle Casino parking lot. (Glenmore and 37th Ave) A few Foothills T members have attended in the past.  There is no entrance fee and the casino provides complimentary hot dogs, chili, popcorn and drinks. If you arrive before 6 the food line is short and we can arrange for our own Foothills T section. If you are driving your T, plan to leave for home by 8pm.  Bring chairs and come for a visit whether you bring your T or not.

If you do plan to bring a T, let me know, that way we can attempt to save some spaces close together.

As for trailer parking I don’t have an answer.  Perhaps some of you who have been there before can let me know by return email so I can pass the info along.

All the best, Robb Wolff 403 540-2093

That was the email announcement I sent to out Foothills T Club on August 24th.  The hooker was the free food. As it turned out the Casino planned a special $20 Asian Buffet for car owners.  It was inside the casino and there was entertainment, special draws and cigarette smoke.  We all chose to enjoy the nice weather outside and ordered in pizza, which Glen and Ann picked up in their T roadster.

We filled one row, ten spaces with Ts and a couple of A’s. Here as some photos.

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