Show and Shine

IMG_6174It was threatening a thunderstorm yesterday but I decided to attend the Grey Eagle Casino Show and Shine anyway. It was a good decision because the cloud made the heat of the day ~30C quite tolerable and the rain didn’t materialize.  When I arrived shortly after 5 pm there were about 20 cars in the parking lot. These events are normally not my bag.  This one is different. No entrance fee and free food for everyone. By 7:30 pm the designated part of the lot was full, probably 300 cars.  Chris and Rose showed up in their 1915 Couplet and Glen and his grandson Ivan made the short commute in Glen’s roadster.

Things to remember about the show:

  • bring a chair.
  • the food line up is minimal until about 6pm.
  • at this time of year leave for home about 8 pm if you are driving your T; earlier if you don’t have tail and signal lights.  Offical sunset was 9 pm and with the cloud I was glad I had lights.

Photos here

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