Yankee 960

Last year I added a Signal Stat turn signal switch to the steering column. It was large and clumsy looking and it fit best when I mounted it vertically on the column.  It looked, well, out of place. During the winter, while sorting out stock for the Lethbridge Swap Meet, I came across a Yankee 960 switch which I liked much better.  It turns out they are quite desirable and go for a pretty penny on ebay.

The Yankee is a 4 wire switch. It is easy to connect directly to discrete signal lights but requires an electronic converter to merge the brake and signal lights into one element of an 1157 bulb.  The other element is for the tail lights. I chose this setup to make it easier to connect to the trailer light wiring harness.

I also included a electric brake controller in the circuit and it took weeks to get everything to play nicely together.  The main problem was that the first two signal converter units I purchased were faulty.

  • The black wire in the photo below is the load or intermittent power from the flasher.
  • The red wire is for the pilot or indicator light in the switch. Current passes through the bulb to ground.
  • Yellow is left turn and green is right turn. They go to the converter input or directly to the lights if using separate brake and turn signal bulbs.



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