Trailer Hitch

Here is what I did to add a hitch and a spare tire hanger to our 1926 Model T Roadster Pickup.RHW_9462

The hitch receiver is bolted to the U-channel that forms the rear frame of the pickup box and to the back part of the subframe that forms a support for the pickup box.

On top of the U-channel is a sill plate the covers the channel and forms a step upon which the box floorboards rest. This sill is normally riveted in place. When I re-restored the box in the late 1990s I didn’t have access to the tools for setting hot rivets so I clamped the sill in place with carriage head bolts. The fact that the sill can be unbolted made installing the hitch much easier.

RHW_9460The angle iron cross member at the rear of the hitch bolts to the front and bottom of the U-Channel. You will notice from the photos that I welded tabs to the bottom edge of the angle iron. The safety chain hangers bolt through the hole in the tabs and a partner hole beside it in the angle iron.  These design serves two purposes: it anchors the hitch receiver and it locates the U-b0lt hangers.  The U-bolts were repurposed from cable clamps.

RHW_9467I welded a piece of flat 3/8″ x 1 1/2″ flat iron to the top of the hitch receiver tube.IMG_5399 1/2″ holes were drilled 3 3/4″ apart. 1/2″ bolts inserted in these hole and tack welded to the strap form two of the three studs used to attach the spare tire under the box. A third bolt drops through a hole in a tab located on the front edge of the subframe rear crossmember.

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