Tailer Checkup


Each year before touring season I do a safety check on my car hauler.  For some reason over the winter the trailer lights go wonky.  This year they are fine. UPDATE: The lights decided to work intermittently so I replaced the trailer connectors on the truck and the trailer.  The lights work fine now.  I lubed the connectors with dielectric grease to keep them from corroding.

truck side trailer connector

Last year before our camping trip to Cold Lake I repacked the wheel bearings.  I wasn’t going to bother with it this year but the right brake seemed week so I pulled the drums. This is what I found


Brake Shoe

Right Brake Lost Its Shoe


While we were on our trip to Cold Lake the dust cap fell of the left hub.  It must have taken in more dirt than I thought.

I installed new outer and inner bearings on the left side and new shoes on both sides.

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