Emergency Wheel Bearing Kit

Last year on our Cold Lake camping trip one of the Ts developed a wheel bearing problem.  The car’s owner had a spare and the problem was easily fixed.  I usually keep spare bearings under the seat. This year I decided to store them already lubed. The plastic box I used was a container for the fence and deck screws we used building our fence.  The kit contains: left and right outer bearings and one outer cup, one inner bearing, cup and seal, left and right spindle nuts, a thrust washer, cotter keys, paper towel for clean up, a ziplock for the bearings and nitrile gloves.

The lube I used is from Lucas.  It seems lighter and more creamy than the wheel bearing grease I have used in the past.

Spare wheel Bearings

Wheel Bearing Grease

Wheel Beraing Kit


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