Annual Safety Inspection


For many years now members of the Foothills Model T Ford Club have gathered on the first weekend of June for the annual safety inspection of their Model Ts. The tradition began in members’ garages but in recent years Ted Zylstra, owner of Braeside Automotive, has generously offered the use of his shop for the event.

Few modern automotive technicians are aware of the idiosyncrasies and potential safety problems that are unique to early antique automobiles.  For similar reasons antique automobile enthusiasts rely on trained technicians to do the computer diagnostics on their modern “daily drivers”. Club sponsored safety inspections are a great way to keep our hobby safe and thriving.

This year a dozen “Ts” showed up for the inspection and another event is scheduled for those unable to attend the June 1st meet.  Model Ts participating in official club events must carry a current safety sticker.

Cruiser at 2014 Inspection

During the first few years of inspections many problems were discovered including a few that were serious.  Over the years, repeated inspections have worked out the “bugs” so that this year the biggest issues were loose fan blade rivets and a leaky auxiliary oiler. Careful attention is paid to newly purchased and newly restored vehicles.

In addition to the obvious benefit of safer vehicles there is a significant transfer of knowledge and skill so the all who participate come away better able to maintain their own vehicles.

Here is a copy of the safety inspection form.


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