We took the T and camper to Kananaskis Lakes this weekend, an uphill trip of just over 80 miles. It took just about 2 1/2 hours including stops to weigh the truck (1040 kg including me) and trailer (360 kg) and to fill with fuel at Morley.  Highway 1, The Transcanada, is not a pleasant drive in a T.  The noise is deafening and there is alway a semi or RV bearing down from behind. I pulled over to allow a large RV to pass and he crowded so close I thought I would lose my mirror.  I was happy to turn south on Hwy 40 away from the traffic and start climbing. RHW_0025Highwood pass, just beyond where we camped is the highest paved road in Canada.  I fought headwinds on Hwy 1 and rain for a while on Hwy 40.  I was so focused on the rain that it wasn’t until the trip out that I realized how long and steep the hills were.

Highway 40 is a beautiful drive, surrounded by mountains and meadows and wildlife.

RHW_9890Once we arrived the weather began to clear.  We found an awesome site looking over Kananaskis Lower Lake.  This was easily the prettiest place we have camped. Kananaskis Drive is newly surfaced, hilly, windy (full of turns) and fun to navigate in a T.

We have developed a system for setting up the camper and now it takes only a few minutes. Our built in cooler is good for about 48 hours and the battery keeps the light on in the evenings, charges our electronics and easily powers my CPAP with capacity to spare after 48 hours.

RHW_9999I was in such a rush to leave, worried that we wouldn’t find a campsite, that I decided not to take the cedar strip canoe.  Next trip the canoe is a must.

We enjoyed a three hour hike to the head of Upper Kananaskis lake, ice cream at the Boulton Creek store and quiet time on the rocky beach. I couldn’t believe how quite the campground was. At times it seemed like we were the only people there but it was nearly full.  The two campgrounds that had power were also pretty much full. I believe they are available by reservation only.

Lower lake morning


More photos here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/rhwolff/sets/72157646643156282/ 

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